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years ago? >> reporter: no. >> what was it like? >> reporter: there's so much energy. everyone was so excited. it's such a big deal here in san francisco. so how are you guys firing up this year. to you have any words for how you thought the season went? >> good. >> reporter: in a nutshell, right. >> who is your favorite player? >> marco scutaro. >> reporter: how come? >> because he hit a lot of balls. >> reporter: he was pretty good. and this is the prince pam. you have halloween -- this is a -- you have two big events going on tomorrow. what are you going to do with students. i encourage the students to come to school, dress in their costumes and parents go ahead and send a note, pick them up take them to the parade, have a great afternoon and then i know we'll have a carnival that the 8th grade is putting on. i know the 8th grade is gonna stay and rally for the carnival. it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. you need to go for it. go, giants. >> are you excited? >> yeah! >> they will have a rally. but in the meantime, what do you guys have to say. >>> let's quickly check in with s
of the tower that the family said. energy systems, they say, purposely -- purposely built the meteorological tower to avoid communication errors. federal law requires the towers taller than 200 feet be painted in bright colors and this one was just two feet shorter than that. >>> it's bying written by one of the riders of the hbo hit show newsroom. >>> well, two of the most popular -- of the movie companies will be joining forces. george lucas signed a $4 billion deal. disney says current employees will be staying at their current locations. even not marin county ranches are not included in the sale. lucas says the sale will allow him to trouble and so will knowing his home will be safe. >>> the last star wars movie came out in 2005. kathleen kennedy has been named executive producer for the first new star wars movie. george lucas won't be directly involved but he has agreed to be a creative consultant for disney. >>> a lot of halloween eventing it on throughout the day today. starting this morning at 9:30, the habitat children's museum in berkeley, they will hold the not-too-spooky event. >
bit. but will is not much the it is moving away from the energy source and high pressure is building. areas of dense fog form, now today was not too bad. maybe again late tonight, tomorrow, visibility can be bad. but owe needler skies and calm conditions. the high clouds are going to increase. a little breeze did up. it was calm about and hour and a half ago. any breeze is going help with the fog. 40s this morning, it was cooler around we were near 60 about 48 hoursing a. higher clouds are working than way to the north and i think that farther north, more clouds. and we have to deal with this today and into early saturday. we are going rebound from the temperatures. high pressure is going to be building in by sunday and monday. today, 60s and 70s and at is going to be good. and then really warm, sunday, monday, tuesday. and then a cold rain by the i wanted of the next week--by the end of next week. >>> thieves target a neighborhood, but the residents fight back. new re action this morning. that when--reaction. that is when we come back. >>> well markets started the day well but have
. >>> environmentalists want homeowners to go green when they decorate for christmas. berkeley's rising sun energy center is offering led christmas lights for anyone who turns in their incandescent lights. >>> a california grandmother has hit the jackpot winning $23 million and it's all thanks to some surveillance video of her daughter buying the winning ticket for her. >> she says i'm going to text you a picture and you tell me who it is. so i put my 9 9-cent glasses and it was sharlena and i thought she robbed a bank. >> lottery officials released the video as the deadline neared for claiming that prize. julia cervesa saw it on the news and recognized her daughter and remembered she had a lotto ticket in her glove compartment and claimed the prize. >>> 9:26. people on the east coast continue to recover from superstorm sandy. >> everything's replaceable but people. >> how volunteers and the government are helping victims pick up the pieces. >>> and new information on the chevron refinery fire, how long officials think it will be before production is up to full operation. >>> a shooting in menlo park lea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4